The Gospel
The good news from start to finish.


We believe that the Eternal God created all things according to His Word. That this God has revealed Himself as the three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe He created all humanity as image bearers, and because of this all humans regardless of race or gender, have dignity, sanctity, and worth to life.

We believe God created humanity with freedom of will, which has been utilized to stand against God. With our free will we have rejected God's place as Sovereign over all seeking to usurp God from His throne, and in so doing have rejected the foundation for all righteousness, morality, and goodness itself.  This causes us to fall into sin. As such we are deserving of the judgment of our sins which is death.

We believe despite deserving judgment for our sin God sent His Son Jesus Christ to live, die, and rise again in time, space, history, and flesh, and that through His Son He has redeemed us by His grace through faith in Him. We recognize it is not our work, but the work of Jesus Christ which saves us from our sin and guilt.

We believe those who place their faith in Jesus Christ are children of God through Him, and that they will enter into eternal life. Those who reject Jesus, however, shall perish.

Personal Responsibility
We believe God has redeemed us for His purposes, and in our redemption we are to seek obedience to Him as our Lord and Savior.

To walk in step with His Spirit.

To love Him with all of our hearts (Affections)

To love Him with all of our minds (Reason)

To love Him with all of our soul (Being)

To love Him with all of our strength (Body)

To love our neighbors as ourselves.