Unity Youth Group


Unity Youth Group Info
Our goal with this youth group is to provide a safe place for our community youth to learn more about the God who is there, and who has revealed Himself through His Son, His Scriptures, and nature.

Who will be leading Unity?
Anwer: Pastor Kyle Horton from Clymer Baptist with assistance from our local ministers (Pastor Ed from UMC Westfield, Pastor Wayne from VCC, and Pastor Sean from FBC Westfield). Carissa Grossman will also be involved with the ministry.

Who can attend Unity?
Answer: Currently the youth group will consist of those attending 9th-12th grades.

What time will it be?
Answer: It will be from 6pm-8pm every Sunday.

Where will it be held?
Answer: FBC Westfield, 122 Church Street, Westfield, PA.

Do I need to be attending a Church in order to attend Unity?
Answer: The simple answer, no. We welcome all those who are in 9th-12th grades. However, we also recognize that Unity is not a substitute for Church. Thus, we encourage all youth to attend a Church and to be actively involved in the congregation God has called them to.