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Questions and Answers

Date: January 21, 2018

Speaker: Sean Grossman

Series: Questions and Answers

  In the Bible where it says "the waters above and the waters below", what does that mean?
  What is the purpose of prayer?
  What is the role of angels?
  What are your thoughts on people who have clinically died and yet come back to life and talk about "the light" or heaven?
  What is the "firmament"? and is it solid?
  What is going to happen after the final judgment?
  What is the next book we are going to study?
  Are there any topics that you find harder to preach on than others?
  What is a good response to the problem of evil?
  Does God hear answer prayers of nonbelievers?
  What is the Churches main role in the world?  What are secondary roles?
  Are there any problematic practices you find common in the American church?