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 Hello Everyone,
  It has been a long process, but we have finally finished our Church website! We began this project earlier in the year with a few goals in mind. We wanted this to be a safe website. We wanted it to be a resource for our members, visitors, and friends. We wanted it to be an easy website to navigate. Most importantly, we wanted our website to glorify God.
  With these things in mind we decided to team up with Church Plant Media. A great amount of thanks goes out to those who are behind the scenes to keep this website up and running, and for those who continue to give us great encouragement and recommendations. We would not be here today without their help, and so we again, thank the Church Plant Media team for all of their hard work and especially for the patience!
  Key Website Features...
  Church History: We wanted to have a page devoted to our Church history as a reminder that God has used the generations before us, using them to be the shoulders on which we stand.
  Calendar: Our Church calendar will have information on FBC events as well as information on Westfield events.
  Sermons: We will attempt to upload sermons the day that they are preached. Along with the sermons, many have requested that the powerpoint presentations be included and available for download. Because of this, we will be providing the powerpoint presentations which are made by me (Pastor Sean) and edited by Betsy Hale (our overworked clerk). Likewise if you prefer not to go through the powerpoint while listening to the sermon, just click on the notes button right next to the sermon you wish to listen to for easy access to all the information on the powerpoints, without the slides!
  Resources: We have also included a resource page with recommended resources from the internet. *We do also want to acknowledge that under our resource page we have a password protected page. These pages are not meant to hide anything, but are a way for our congregation members to have access to Church information which we have decided not to share with the overall public.
  Blog: Finally, we have set up blogs as a way to inform members, friends, and visitors of what is going on around FBC Westfield. The blog will feature posts from Pastor Sean, Betsy Hale, and various members of our congregation.

  We hope that you enjoy our new website! Please don't hesitate to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Soli Deo Gloria,
 Pastor Sean Grossman


So glad to see your new website!It looks wonderful! Your church will always be a special part of my life holding great memories.It was the first church that Wally and I served at.I am especially grateful to the women of the church and how Helen George helped me to understand how I was to become a pastor's wife. It was also the place where God started to implant the vision of my future ministry of Clara's House Maternity Shepherding Home.
It's been over 25 years since we were there, but the memories have lasted as I still remember a lot of great folks! God bless your church!

kathy koch on Jan 15, 2015 at 1:28pm

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