Reflections: Part One

June 27, 2015 by Sean Grossman 1 comments

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Part I

  My name is Sean Grossman. I have decided to begin periodically blogging. The reason for this decision stems from who I am and what I do. So before we get too far, let me properly introduce myself.

  I grew up in Mays Landing, NJ. I met my wife Carissa in 2007 at Eastern University (No I am not liberal, yes I am very conservative), and we were married July 17th, 2010. When we first were married we were living in Lancaster County (specifically Akron and then Ephrata). Eventually we moved to Wellsboro PA for reasons I will get into some other time, and now we live in Westfield PA.
Along with being a married man, I am also the proud father of a beautiful three year old girl (Elizabeth…goes by Libby), and a strapping young lad of one and a half years (Benjamin…goes by anything related to Benjamin). If I had a great number of treasures none of them would be able to compete with my wife, my daughter, and my son.

  This, however, is not the complete story, as I am also the bi-vocational pastor of FBC Westfield PA. Part of the reason for me beginning this blog stems from this. Yet, we need to have definitions, because many will wonder, “What is a bi-vocational pastor?” The answer to this is that a bi-vocational pastor is a shepherd who has been called to a specific Church, and because of certain circumstances must also work elsewhere. Some bi-vocational pastors work part-time jobs, others work full time jobs. I am one of the latter. I work as a CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) Operator for Ward Manufacturing in Lawrenceville, PA. Specifically, I work at the plant known as Wardflex (because, well, it’s flexible tubing).

  I begin writing this first blog post at the end of a week when I have worked 58 hours just for Wardflex. I say this not to boast, nor is it a plea for pity, but just because I want to be honest and specific when I write for this blog.

  It is with all of this in mind that I begin my first blog series. In reality, I want to focus on the past three years of my life. In the past I have tended to either avoid personal issues and focused on Theological/Biblical, or I have been too personal and not Biblical/Theological enough! This blog will be different. I want to be able to express personal things while also reflecting on the Biblical/Theological. My reasons for focusing specifically on the personal for my first series are these:

1. It will allow me to open up more to my congregation. Sometimes it’s hard for me to really establish myself and who I am. I am very good at deflection, and though some congregants know things about me, this will help them know more about me personally. Thankfully, I have one of the most loving and understanding congregations ever, and I hope that this will cause us to grow together in Christ.

2. The steps we have taken are important. The last three years have been the hardest and yet most blessed of my life. The goal of looking at this is to show the grace of God in all that has happened. In the end, this is all I stand on, His grace. My hope is that others will be encouraged to look back and see the grace on which they stand as well.

3. Personal reflection. Often times it is hard to reflect when so much is going on. My hope is that this will give me some means to reflect on what God has done through my life.

4. Friends and family whom I rarely see. I am hoping that a few of them (you know who you are) will check in to see what has been happening these past few years. I haven’t been able to see or talk to many of you, and I miss you all a great deal.

I am sure that if I had enough time to think the list would grow. For now, this is enough for me to desire to begin where I am beginning. I hope that you will be blessed by my life experiences, as well as be encouraged to think deeply about certain Theological and Biblical concepts that will eventually be discussed on this blog.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Sean Grossman


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